Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hillerich-Kemppainen Wedding (From the Brown Girl's Perspective)

Top 5 Memorable Moments
October 5, 2013

Midnight Walk Home with Molly (And AJ's Bike)
Directly after the awesome, laid-back rehearsal dinner in the clubhouse, I found myself walking home with 9-year old, Molly, when 13-year old AJ asked me to ride his bike back to the condo so he could just leave.  Well, AJ, that would mean I'd have to FIT on your bike AND be sober enough to drive down a hill, while accompanying an 9-year old girl, right?  Exactly.  So Molly and I walked.  She, herself.  Me, hand in hand with AJ's bike.  And it was at that moment that it occurred to me how much this girl's life was about to change....and for the better.  How rich and full of love it was about to become with a cool and quirky older brother, a big-hearted big sister, and a kind, gentle step-dad.  And dear Molly, I've never - in the 22 years that I've known her - seen your mama this at ease, this calm, and this perfectly comfortable in this life that fits her just perfectly.

Dateline Interrogation with the Soon-To-Be Bride and Groom on Wedding Eve
By the time we got home, we were joined by parents of the groom (Michelle and Jim), best pal of the groom (Jon), friends of the bride (Kif and Mae), and the kiddos (Molly, Emily, and AJ).  Olivia, where were you???  Not sure how it all began but before we knew it, I was asking Leslie and Andy all kinds of inappropriate personal questions about how they met, how many times they made out during their first date, how he proposed (she had a conference call in 15 minutes).  All while Jon, the provocateur egged it on to new inappropriate heights (sorry kids).   And then Kif passed out.

The Mystery of Mae's Sabotaged Lollipop
Could you have picked a better group of craziness to share a table?  My life is forever changed having met Blair and Shea.  Thanks for putting all the minorities together in the back room.  Thanks also to the DJ who tried so hard to play "culturally inclusive" music for us.  And no, Mr. Roger, Black-Eyed Peas is not considered hard core rap. What a lovely excuse for my college girls, and our husbands to bond with new friends over at least 6 rounds of "Little Beer Shots" (Licor 43 and heavy cream).  So glad we didn't let the other guests in on the secret.  Our bartending crew and wait staff were just exceptional:  Shout-out to Tyrone, Misty, and Jen.  Our in-depth analysis of the bride's second "Lilly Pulitzer" dress was simply astounding.  Tom's love declaration to sweet potatoes, Kif aggressively munching at my wedding favors, and that Nettie showing new moms all over the world how to bring sexy back in that dress = perfection.
Stairway Ceremony Officiated by a Woman, Brady Bunch Style
Something about getting rained in, and how seamless and flawless it was to stand there at the bottom of those stairs, with light shining through the stained glass window.  Something about the way the lyrics to "Marry Me" echoed in that house and how Renee and I kept giving each other reassuring nods as we wiped our tears away.  Something about holding Adam's hand as we witnessed a "second chance" in action, knowing what we know about our own second chance.  Something about the way your families stood there together as one unit.  Something about the spirit of both of your parents with us in that room, in that candlelight, Les.  The only thing I would have maybe changed is if ya'll made your exit to the Brady Bunch theme song.

Barefoot Politics with the Kemppainens and Jon, the Rocket Scientist
In case you haven't heard it enough, I LOVE your U.P., Yankee, Republican, meat-eating, warm, kind, gentle, embracing, and funny-as-heck people, Andy.  So thrilled that one of my best friends is joining this remarkable and colorful clan.  If you ever need that adopted, third-world sister to shake things up, you know who to call.  Now go off and be married and blissfully happy together, why don't you.  Barf.